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Thanks for a Fantastic 2013!

Thanks for a Fantastic 2013!

Thank you!

What an exciting year!

2013 was a busy year for all of us here at SurveyMonkey. Our mission to help you, our customers, make smarter decisions led to the development of new products and features, exciting announcements and of course, tons of monkey fun.

Our biggest news was last month’s announcement of SurveyMonkey Enterprise. This new product makes it easier for customers within an organization to use SurveyMonkey. And, offers the organization increased control and comparison features to help them truly get the most out of the data that they collect.

Our Product and Engineering monkeys developed new Analyze features that make your data analysis experience even better. Data Trends allows customers to view survey results over a period of time and Chart Customization is designed to impress your colleagues and wow your boss with truly eye-catching new charts and graphs.

The team also works very hard to bring full Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance to our platform. Now, customers on our Platinum plan can gather feedback with confidence knowing that our surveys meet all the most recent HIPAA compliance criteria–at no additional cost. We hope that this, along with the variety of healthcare survey templates that we have available, will continue to provide high quality patient insights to doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff.

We also listened to your insightful feedback and made a ton of improvements to our Email Invitation Collector. Now your “Please take my survey” emails stay out of peoples’ junk folders and in their inboxes where they belong.

Portland Monkeys

Portland Monkeys

Dedication to our customers is most evident in the accomplishments of our Customer Engagement monkeys who answered their one millionth customer email and their response times are even faster. For those customers that search for answers themselves, the trusty Help Center got a major makeover in order to make finding answers on your own even easier. We reorganized the different help categories and built an amazing new video resource library.

SurveyMonkey Audience customers also received upgrades with even speedier service, an international Question Bank to help our customers around the world optimize their survey questions, and more. We’re also extremely proud that our SurveyMonkey Contribute program–where people take surveys in exchange for a donation to their favorite charity–has raised $1 million dollars and counting, for charities like Boys and Girls Club for America and Doctors Without Borders.

Lisbon Monkeys

Lisbon Monkeys

We’re continuing to grow as a company and it’s been exciting to see customers using our platform around the globe. We hope that the launch of our site in German and Turkish leads to easier use and lots of insights. It’s also been exciting to see the growth and use of our API Developer portal. We are grateful for the number of partners that have been taking advantage of our APIs to deliver survey data alongside their services.

It’s been a busy year as we continue to build and improve the platform that you’ve come to love–we even gave this very blog a much-needed makeover.

Thank you so much for continuing to trust us in helping you make better decisions this year.

See you in 2014!

See you next year

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  • Well done guys and girls – i’ve loved the changes you’ve made this year, in particular more customisation options. Keep up the good work! :D

    • kaytek

      Thanks so much, Shell!

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