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Online Security & Health Information: Do Americans Feel Safe?

Online Security & Health Information: Do Americans Feel Safe?

Between computer hackers and governmental surveillance programs, online privacy is a hot topic. As we worked on our new HIPAA-compliant features, we used SurveyMonkey Audience to ask over 300 people about their perception of online privacy and their willingness to put personal medical information online. Here’s what we learned:

HIPPA 1Wow! Over 88% of Americans are at least moderately concerned about the security of their personal information online.

We also found that 86% of respondents said they are moderately confident (or less) that their personal information is kept safe when they enter it online.

But do people feel any safer when it comes to healthcare sites and apps?

HIPPA 2Only 60% of people are moderately or more comfortable with entering in personal information on healthcare websites and apps. But even though people are wary of entering in private medical information online, over 80% said that they think it’s convenient to store and share their personal information on the Internet.

One role of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is to improve the security of patients’ health information. But do people know about HIPAA? And do they think it’s working?


According to our survey results, many people are aware of HIPAA and the majority think it’s effective!

Within the past decade, the distinction between our off and online lives has become blurred. Our use of the web has made many transactions more convenient and environmentally friendly. In the future, finding ways to provide care that’s more convenient and more private will be a great way to keep patients happy.

SurveyMonkey is now HIPAA-compliant

Do you collect medical information through online forms and surveys? Whether you do patient intake, gather feedback, or perform research studies, we can help.  Read more about our new HIPAA features.

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