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Thank You! We’ve Raised $1 Million for Charity in 2013!

Thank You! We’ve Raised $1 Million for Charity in 2013!

We’re so excited to share that we’ve hit yet another huge milestone for charity this year. Thanks to our amazing SurveyMonkey Contribute members and wonderful charity partners, we’ve raised a whopping one million dollars (and counting!) in 2013. Wonder where that one millionth dollar went to and how it came about? Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to the mobile app company, Pingup and nonprofit organization, One Heartland.

Here’s how they ended up in the same survey story!

COO of mobile app company, Pingup, Karen Parker on why they love surveys:

We typically use SurveyMonkey to gather product feedback from an internal list of current customers. For this most recent project, we used SurveyMonkey Audience to learn more about how consumers communicate with local businesses to guide our marketing efforts in certain verticals. The self-serve interface was very easy to use to select the respondents we were looking for, and the data we collected really validated a lot of our messaging assumptions.

Pingup sent out a survey which was then taken by one of our Contribute members–folks who not only love taking surveys but love taking ’em for charity–and bam! Since One Heartland was the selected organization of choice by this awesome survey respondent, they became the recipient of our one millionth dollar to charity of 2013. Congratulations!

One Heartland is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children facing significant health challenges or social isolation.

One Heartland

Patrick Kindler, Executive Director of One Heartland:

SurveyMonkey does so much for us on so many levels. First, it allows supporters a very easy way to contribute to our mission. So easy, in fact, that we have received more than $13,500 since becoming a SurveyMonkey charity just two years ago–dollars that make it possible for us to send even more kids to camp.

We’re honored and proud that we can help organizations like Pingup and One Heartland make even better decisions and see their goals come true. The year’s not over yet so we’re looking forward to seeing our charity dollars grow even higher.

Interested in taking surveys and supporting your favorite charity at the same time? Just follow these quick and easy steps to get started:

1. Sign up for SurveyMonkey Contribute if you haven’t already. It’s free, easy, and fun.

2. Continue taking surveys that are sent to you through Contribute.

3. Spread the love and share this great program with your social networks through Facebook and Twitter.

4. Use SurveyMonkey Audience for your research needs. Surveys sent through Audience raise money for charity.

As always, leave us your comments and questions in the Comments section below!

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  • Dawn G.

    Have you decided when you might start adding/allowing other charities to participate? I signed up as a member specifically to help my chosen charity, but they have yet to be approved into your program.

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