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Apple Announces New iPhones: How Do Consumers Feel?

Apple Announces New iPhones: How Do Consumers Feel?

It’s that time of year again, tech fans–hardware and software announcements from Apple! The groundbreaking company recently announced upgrades to the iPhone. Consumers now have not one, but two phones, to choose between. Say hello to the iPhone 5s and its colorful sibling, iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5s comes with the newest features and is a substantial upgrade from last year’s iPhone 5 model with a price to match–starting at $199 on a wireless plan to $649 without. If those prices make you a little nervous, don’t fret. Apple’s second brand-spanking new device, iPhone 5c, comes in at $99.

The catch? It doesn’t have the newest bells and whistles that the 5s has and is essentially last year’s phone. The iPhone 5, however, didn’t come in the rainbow of color options that the 5c is offering. On top of that? Consumers can also choose from thirty cases that are custom-made for the 5c. Scratches and pesky fingerprint smudges, be gone.

Apple announcements don’t come without a certain level of expectation and excitement amongst consumers and we wanted to find out how current iPhone owners felt about the new upgrades. Are they happy with them? How do they feel about the new looks? Using SurveyMonkey Audience–a powerful product designed to collect feedback from a specific demographic–we surveyed over 250 iPhone owners to get their insights on both new phone models.

Here’s what we found out.

How satisfied are you with the iPhone upgrades?Roughly 70% report feeling satisfied with the new iPhone 5 options.

How reasonable is the iPhone 5c price?Over half of respondents (60%) feel that $99 for the 5c and $199 for the 5s are fairly reasonable prices considering their both physical and technical upgrades. So what about the new looks that both phones are sporting?

How do you feel about the new look?

Judgement on the iPhone 5c–Less than a quarter of folks say “cheap” or “plastic” comes to mind. Apple makes a point to describe the case as being a steel-reinforced frame that’s welded to an outer shell. In other words, it’s not a typical phone made from low-quality plastic.

How upset are you that the iPhone 5 is gone?

Interestingly enough 67% say they’re “not at all upset” that Apple discontinued last year’s iPhone 5, although 50% have no immediate plans to upgrade to a new iPhone.

Both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c went on sale in stores today. Only time will tell if consumers will be pleased with Apple’s decision to make a lower market product, or if the next upgrade cycle will only include a high end market product.

If you’re standing in line right now at your local Apple store, we hope it’s not a long one! Share this blog with the tech fan in front of you and let us know–5s or the 5c?

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