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NEW! SurveyMonkey Video Tutorials, Compliments of Grovo

NEW! SurveyMonkey Video Tutorials, Compliments of Grovo

“Do you have a video to explain that?”

It’s a question that we hear a lot. And we get it. Sometimes it’s just better to learn by watching. Luckily, our friends at Grovo–the leading online learning platform for Internet tools and cloud services–feel the same way.

With over 3500 lessons to their credit, Grovo’s lessons sharpens customers’ Internet skills with short form, personalized videos on more than 100 different sites, apps, and Internet topics.

And now–thanks to Grovo–our Help Center is home to over 40 videos on how to get the most out of SurveyMonkey!

Need a brush up on how to add questions or page breaks to your survey? No problem.

Curious about how to use Question Bank (our library of pre-written survey questions)? Happy to help.

Want to dig deeper into your survey responses with our advanced analysis features like Comparing Results or Filters? Of course you do.

The best part? We know how busy you are, so we think you’ll be pumped to hear that each video takes only about 60 seconds of your time to watch. That’s right, in just about a minute, you’ll be well on your way to improving your survey know-how. Pretty nifty, eh?

Big thanks to the team at Grovo for their help and stellar videos. Click here to learn more about well, learning even more, with Grovo.

To check out the full library of videos, just head on over to our Help Center. Now get to watching!

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Inspired? Create your own survey.

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey’s really made of?

Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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