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Same Day Projects: Get Answers Even Sooner with SurveyMonkey Audience

Same Day Projects: Get Answers Even Sooner with SurveyMonkey Audience

Who doesn’t want faster results? Here at SurveyMonkey Audience, we know our customers certainly do, so we’ve worked our monkey magic again to make it happen.

Previously, we announced that you’d be able to get your full results in less than five days (with a two-day rush option) and that you can even launch projects on weekends. Now that you know when your project will finish, we bet you’d love to know when it can start.

The answer is–immediately!

That’s right. Whether you launch a project on your own through our Self-Serve SurveyMonkey Audience feature or receive assistance from our team, you’ll start to see your responses rolling in right away. Once your survey launches, you can also monitor your data as your project runs its course. So when you’re operating on crunch time to complete your project or need answers pronto for that important hypothesis of yours, we can help you see your results even faster.

Want to get your results sooner? Get started with SurveyMonkey Audience today!


  • Carla Mathews

    Hi, plans to distribute my survey to a single community college audience has changed. How can I distribute my job satisfaction survey to three community colleges with multiple campus sites?
    Carla Mathews

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