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SurveyMonkey Speaker Series Presents: Molly Dirr, CoachArt

SurveyMonkey Speaker Series Presents: Molly Dirr, CoachArt

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of learning about CoachArt from Molly Dirr, the organization’s Outreach and Program Director. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for chronically ill children and their siblings, ages 6-18, by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics. CoachArt was started in 2000 by Zander Lurie and Leah Bernthal in honor of Zander’s father, Dr. “Art” Lurie.

The best part of Molly’s presentation? It was our orientation for an actual CoachArt volunteer event–SurveyMonkey employees got to hang out with some of the awesome kids of CoachArt and their families for an afternoon of art-making at the Junior Center for Art and Science in Oakland. Our goal? To make a duck with construction paper, cardboard, string, charcoal and all kinds of other cool supplies inspired by the art of James Charles Castle. We had a blast!

Afterwards, the kids got a special show-and-tell treat when a pretty epic guest was brought out to visit, thanks to our hosts at the Junior Center. To get pics of our visit and see some of the kids’ amazing work, head over to our Flickr page and click here for the entire photo set.

To learn more about CoachArt and how you can help support them, check out our sit-down chat with Molly Dirr:

For more information on CoachArt and learn how you can help them continue to make a difference in childrens’ lives, please visit their page.

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