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The Wheelock College Aspire Institute Launches K-12 Parent Survey in Boston

The Wheelock College Aspire Institute Launches K-12 Parent Survey in Boston

It’s no secret that we here at SurveyMonkey are huge fans of education and we strongly believe in supporting the hard work that parents, teachers and administrators do every day to help their students achieve academic success. In the spring of 2012, we announced our partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the creation of the K-12 Parent Survey, the first of its kind.

The survey template is designed to help K-12 schools ask their parents the right questions to measure important components of the family/school relationship that leads to positive student outcomes. We’re very excited to share with all of you that The Aspire Institute, in collaboration with Wheelock College in Boston, have partnered with us in their launch of the Parent Survey.

Jake Murray, Senior Director of The Aspire Institute, is here to talk about how the information collected from their survey launch will help fulfill their mission of advancing knowledge and providing solutions in response to social and educational challenges.

Welcome, Jake!

The Aspire Institute was founded in 2007 to serve as an “innovation lab” for Wheelock College. We currently develop, manage and host several of Wheelock’s community initiatives. To help us accomplish our mission, we work together with Wheelock faculty, staff and community partners to conceive and create effective policy and practice in the following areas: education, child and human development and health and wellness.

Our launch of the K-12 Parent Survey is in alignment with one of the more recent initiatives: The Boston Family Engagement Partnership (BFEP). This initiative is working with 11 schools in Boston to strengthen and rethink family engagement in school life and student learning. A big component of this initiative is better data–better data on who our families are, how they interact with and perceive school, and in what ways they support their children’s learning and development. We chose the SurveyMonkey survey template because it’s a validated tool used to collect the data we need. Once we finish data collection, we’ll help each of the 11 schools analyze this data and develop ‘data-driven’ action plans to improve family engagement policies, practices and outcomes.

In addition, the BFEP team and 11 schools are working to establish online resources for families. For example, based on analysis of survey responses, the team may decide that families need better information about special education services. A new online tool or smartphone app might provide answers to questions such as–What are the full range of special education services and who is eligible for these services? How do families navigate the special education processes and who are the people they should know at both the school and district level? Drawing the connection between helping schools collect good data and then using that data to help inform their action plans and their families is important for us.

We’re proud that we can help support Aspire Institute and Wheelock College in realizing their educational goals and enriching the lives of students, parents and teachers.  

Interested in learning more about the Aspire Institute and Wheelock College? Click here.

If you’re a school administrator/educator and are interested in learning how to get started with the Harvard Graduate School of Education K-12 Parent Survey or would like to get in touch with us, please visit our resource page.

Have educational stories to share of your own? Please share them with us in the Comments section below!

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