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Survey Makeover Episode 2: Setting Your Survey’s Tone

Survey Makeover Episode 2: Setting Your Survey’s Tone

Welcome back to Survey Makeover, where we take real customer surveys and give them a methodology makeover! In our first episode, survey design experts Amy and Liana revamped an employee feedback survey. Now they’re tackling an equally popular survey-type: customer feedback.

Using the existing survey from the delicious Q BBQ, our survey experts discuss the importance of striking the appropriate tone, the value of creating simply worded questions, and offer some helpful tips on how to improve survey response rates.

Check it out and start making over your surveys today.

Any questions for Amy and Liana, our dynamic survey duo? Think your survey needs a makeover? Don’t be shy, let us know in the Comments section! 

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  • Very useful and constructive information

  • Margie Altwies Beiswanger

    So helpful! Thank you.

  • Anna Murtaza

    Hello. I would like to know how can I get my survey reviewed? I completed it on SurveyMonkey. Thanks.

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi there, Anna!

      Are you the survey creator? Sadly we don’t have a service in which reviews your surveys. However, if you have specific questions about the design, you can always reach out to our support team here:

      We hope that helps!

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