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Introducing Debi Hemmeter, Founder & Director of Partnerships for Lean In

Introducing Debi Hemmeter, Founder & Director of Partnerships for Lean In

For our latest installment of the SurveyMonkey Speaker Series, we were thrilled to have Debi Hemmeter take time out of her day to stop by and chat with us.

Debi is the Founder and Director of Partnerships for Lean In, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women who are leaning in to their ambitions. Prior to her role at Lean In, Debi served as the Executive Director for the Professional BusinessWomen of California and has over twenty-five years’ worth of leadership and executive experience. She was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America where she led one of the bank’s largest retail markets and has held many strategy and senior management roles at such companies as PepsiCo, Sara Lee and Wells Fargo Bank to name a few.

The lessons that Debi’s learned, both personally and professionally, have helped inspire her to share her experiences with other women, and to offer encouragement and support so that they too can continue leaning in to whatever their goals may be.

Elena Verna, our Director of Business Intelligence, sat down to talk with Debi about some of these experiences, including a “Lean In” moment that ended up changing Debi’s professional outlook in an unexpected way:

Debi has even more words of support for you, just head on over to her Lean In page. To learn more about Lean In Circles and how you can start your own, click here

Tell us! Why are you leaning in? We want to know–share your story or leave your questions for Debi with us in the Comments section below.

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