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Presenting Our New Series: Survey Makeover, Do’s and Don’ts!

Presenting Our New Series: Survey Makeover, Do’s and Don’ts!

Makeovers? For surveys? Yep, you read that right. They’re not just for fashion fans anymore–we here at SurveyMonkey decided to take one of our lucky customers and give their survey a makeover!

Call it a whole new look for the survey season if you will but we pulled out all the stops for North Carolina-based engine manufacturer, Triad Racing Technologies. Our Methodology monkey, Liana and Product monkey, Amy are both here to share their insights and offer some expert design tips for Triad’s employee satisfaction survey.

Find out how–and why–using your company’s logo, keeping your survey’s themes consistent with your business’s branding whenever possible, organizing topics effectively and making sure your response options are measurable and clearly written, can help ensure your survey’s success.

Ready to witness the makeover magic? Let’s make it work.

Many thanks to Triad Racing Technologies for participating in our inaugural SurveyMakeover!

Questions for Liana or Amy? Want to be our next Makeover candidate? You know where to go–let us know in our Comments section.


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  • Interesting Article. Keep it up!

  • Naveen Chopra

    I am more interested in getting invitations for doing a survey by email.
    I am not interested in creating a survey for others to do

  • I would like to revise my customer profile survey form and a reading campaign activities feedback/impact survey. Can SurveyMonkey create a user friendly questionnaire that will help our respondents feel most eager to do the survey?

  • Thanks for putting together this informative video. I appreciated the comparison of before and after, and the tips were very clear and precise. Even though our survey is focussed in a completely different direction, I still felt I could apply many of the tips to help improve our results.
    Of course, if you feel so motivated, we would love to have you review our survey for a possible makeover. Ours is a customer survey that is sent out after service has been completed.
    Thank you again!

    • Kayte K

      Hi Eileene! You’re very welcome. Thanks for the comment, I’ll forward your contact information on to our team. Have a great week! :)

  • We are a not for profit educational charity. We have been using Survey Monkey for our post program surveys for as long as I have been here (November 2006). I would love it if you would consider us for a makeover.

    • Kayte K

      Hi Rachel! Awesome, thank you so much for reaching out. I will forward your contact information over to our Makeover team!

  • Jim Stauffer

    This is great! I think it will be very helpful in creating my next survey.

    I like the way you worked from a real (at least it felt real) example toward improvement. It communicates more to a novice like me than just posting a tutorial that states “do this… don’t do this….”. I’ll be looking forward to more of these makeovers.

    • Kayte K

      That’s great, Jim! Thanks for your comment. We’re really glad you find this helpful and we’re looking forward to creating more of these.

  • Becky

    Good video – short and to the point, just like our surveys should be!

  • Wayne

    Is it best to put the demographic questions at the beginning or end of the survey?

    • Kayte K

      Hi Wayne, excellent question. We recommend putting demographic questions at the end of your survey. If you put them at the beginning, you might deter people from taking the survey as demographic questions are more personal.

      For more info on that and more, you might want to check out our methodology blog post here:

      Please let me know if that helps!

  • Very helpful tips in the survey makeover. The point about a question being specific to measurement of one variable is something that could usefully be drummed into we survey-makers over and over again. I would add a couple of points: I’d tell people why the survey was being conducted, and I’d tell people what we would do with their answers.

  • Neil Ruda

    One thing I notice is that the title of the survey is redundant. Do they really need to have the company name in both the ‘logo’ section, and then part of the survey name? Have one or the other, and that would give space for making the title a bit bigger, and not quite so crowded.

    • Kayte K

      Great observation, Neil! It’s really up to the company whether they want to have the title and their logo. We like to recommend including your logo whenever possible or when it is appropriate so that your survey respondents know that the survey really is coming from you.

      Thanks for the feedback. :)

  • Thanks for the helpful feedback (hosts & bloggers!). Good points all around.

  • I mostly conduct satisfaction surveys to a predefined audience and don’t use email invitations as a rule, (sometimes still using paper forms!!), but am always interested in how to make the surveys easier and more appealing.
    Do you have your advice etc in hard copy???

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