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WATCH: How to Embed Your Survey on a Website

WATCH: How to Embed Your Survey on a Website

Where’s the best place to share a survey? Well, here at SurveyMonkey, we think pretty much anywhere. While it’s a cinch to take a web link (a collector that’s automatically generated and easily shared) and post it pretty much anywhere, sometimes it’s a better experience for survey-takers to see the survey on an available webpage rather than having to click open a new window.

With that, we present a video tutorial on how to embed a survey on website. Take a look!

*Note: in this video tutorial, Diane uses this free HTML test bed to make sure her embedded survey looks a-ok before posting.

Have any questions about how to embed surveys? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new
    project in a community in the same niche.

    Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.
    You have done a marvellous job!

    • Kayte K

      Thank you! And good luck with your project, if you ever need help with any of your surveys just let us know. :)

  • Marco Ferrari

    Hi Sheila. Is it possible to put this code into a modal window and make it close when done?

    • SurveyMonkeySheila

      Hi Marco! Great question. It’s not something the product does automatically, but if you know a bit of HTML, you can do it. Basically, you’d want to first create a Web Link collector for your survey which will generate a standard link to paste into an email message or post as a hyperlink on your web page. With this survey URL, you can use your own HTML code to create an iframe which will embed the survey form in your web page. This will display in your web page exactly as the embed option does, however, it allows further customization (such as the close window command) and – depending on the browser – may have fewer issues with certain security settings.

      You can use the following HTML code to paste in your web page:

      *Note, you can customize the overall size of the embedded window, plus add border options by adjusting the HTML. You can click the link below to learn more about how to generate an iframe.

      Hope this helps!

  • Anna

    how about a responsive view of the embedded survey? will it automatically adjust based on user’s device? Thanks

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Anna,

      We’re working on it! We’re in the middle of developing mobile friendly version that will be responsive. Keep your eyes peeled.

      • Katie Gabbett

        Hi KT, any update on this yet? Device-responsiveness is critical to us.

        • KTsurveymonkey

          Hey, Katie!

          Check out our new website survey collector with embed options here:

          • Hilman

            Hey @KTsurveymonkey:disqus i saw the NOTE Website Collectors display on desktop browsers only—not on mobile devices or tablets” on that page. Is it mean, currently Surveymonkey not mobile friendly yet?

          • KTsurveymonkey

            Great question. We are mobile friendly, however our embed collector is not supported by most browsers unfortunately. As an alternative, you are welcome to use other collectors like a Web Link or Email Invitation!

  • Aarif Khan

    Hi Sheila,
    Is it possible to embed the survey on my website in such a way that the survey invitation pop up appears only after the visitor has spent some particular time on the website (say 2 minutes).

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Aarif,

      We don’t have a timer functionality for the Website Collector, but you can designate a particular sample Rate or use the Modal option so it only pops up on certain pages! Here’s more:

      • Aarif Khan

        Thanks for the response. My surveymonkey account is showing the classic website collector only. How can I switch to New website collector option. Please help.

        • KTsurveymonkey

          HI Aarif,

          You can email our support team and ask that they move you to the new S-page in order to get you on our new website collector. Feel free to let them know I (Katie A.) sent you: Happy surveying!

  • Anne-Jet

    the survey is embedded in my website on a special page. to reach the survey people click on a link that is in the email that i send to them. however the webpage html is also available by simply typing. Can i block this, so that when people type in the html link to the survey in the bar they wont be able to fill in the survey, more specifically i wantto make sure that only people that receive an email with the link are able to fill in the survey, providing them with a password is not an option. Only those with a simple click on the link in the e-mail are allowed to fill in the survey. How can i do this? Please help met out?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi, Anne!

      Sure. So your best solution to this would be to use our Email Invitation collector to distribute the survey. This method creates a unique link for each respondent that can only be accessed via their email. It also tracks their responses (can also be anonymous if needed). Here’s more on this collector type:

  • Tim Freeman

    I am embedding a survey on my site but i would like to have the survey stretch the width of my site (960px) Right now, it can only be a max width of 700 pixels. Is it possible to modify the embed code to make it 960px wide?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi Tim-

      If you’d like to determine your own embedded dimensions, you will need to use an iframe with our Web Link collector.

  • Nikhil Prasad

    How do I Pass Usernames From a Website on an Embedded Survey?

  • Greg Styles


    The maximum embed size of 700px is not big enough for my requirements. Is there a way I can increase the size of the iframe? I don’t want to link away from my site. Thanks.

  • Greg Styles

    I need to make the iframe bigger than 700px. Is this possible without linking away from my site? Thanks

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Greg,

      I am afraid there is not a way to make the embed option bigger here. If you wish to create your own iframe, you can certainly create one using your own HTML and use a Weblink here. The following website should help:

      Hope this helps!

  • Matias Castro

    Hi, is there a way to use SurveyMonkey with embedded surveys in Kiosk Mode? Thanks a lot!

  • Milena

    Hi, Is it possible to embed the survey on my website in such a way that the survey invitation pop up appears only at the end of the visit?

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Milena-

      You can make the pop-up page specific, but unfortunately not timing specific.

  • Manuel Larrán

    Hi, Not sure if it is a matter that the way survey´s embedding function has been changed since this video was recording, or it is a matter of the type of account i manage, but the code provided now for the collector I’m trying/testing does not work. Neither in the test bed like the one you use in this video.
    The code I got now for the collector is like this:

    (function(e,t,c,o){var n,s,i;e.SMCX=e.SMCX||[],t.getElementById(o)||(n=t.getElementsByTagName(c),s=n[n.length-1],i=t.createElement(c),i.type=”text/javascript”,i.async=!0,,i.src=[“https:”===location.protocol?”https://”:”http://”,””].join(“”),s.parentNode.insertBefore(i,s))})(window,document,”script”,”smcx-sdk”); Create your own user feedback survey

    It says something about javascripts…

    Can you help me with this?

    Thanks in advance, Manuel

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Manuel! This article actually refers to our Classic Design version. It’s likely that your account is now displaying the New Design so the display will look different.
      In the new version of the Website collector, the installation code will indeed contains several lines of JavaScript.
      Feel free to review the full configuration here:
      If you’re still having difficulties with your embedded survey, please drop us a line here so we can take a look:

  • Kiran

    Hi, I have same problem, I have the installation code as below when I embed the same it does not show anything other than just a link “Create your own user feedback survery” which take to the survey monkey website.

    I went through the installation steps and have followed the same.

    (function(t,e,s,c){var n,o,r;t.SMCX=t.SMCX||[],e.getElementById(c)||(n=e.getElementsByTagName(s),o=n[n.length-1],r=e.createElement(s),r.type=”text/javascript”,r.async=!0,,r.src=[“https:”===location.protocol?”https://”:”http://”,”…”].join(“”),o.parentNode.insertBefore(r,o))})(window,document,”script”,”smcx-sdk”); Create your own user feedback survey .

    Thanks in advance

    • MFsurveymonkey

      Hi Kiran! Thanks for your comment and we’re sorry to hear about your trouble. I’m afraid we’re limited with the technical help we can provide here, so this sounds like a job for our super support team! They’ll be able to take a closer look at your survey to figure out what could be wrong, and then help you fix that.
      Please reach out to them here:

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