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Survey Templates for Consumer Feedback and Product Design by SurveyMonkey Audience

Survey Templates for Consumer Feedback and Product Design by SurveyMonkey Audience

Here at SurveyMonkey, we understand that survey writing can prove to be difficult at times. Defining your survey goals, drafting questions that will provide insight and elicit good quality data, and sending your survey to the appropriate group of respondents can all be challenging.

That’s why we’re here to help. With SurveyMonkey Audience, not only is finding the right group of people ready to share feedback and help you gain the insights you need easy, but we’ve also got you covered with expert survey templates!

Check out some of our top customer use cases featured below:

Top Use Case #1: Gathering Consumer Feedback on a New Product

One of the topics our customers are most eager to gather feedback about are new business ideas and products. Let’s say you’re working on a new iPhone app, and you want to know how people will react (or better yet, you want to measure people’s reactions). You want to understand what the market demand and needs are for this new app, so you can use this information to build, launch, and market it successfully.

The template below helps you achieve these goals, and obtain this feedback from your target consumers. Feel free to take it for a spin:

Top Use Case #2: Design Feedback

Another frequently surveyed topic is about gathering design feedback. Let’s say you’re a brand agency and you’re trying to design the perfect homepage and logo for your client, or your company is working on improving the design and aesthetics of your product. You want your target customers to give their feedback on the homepage, logo, or product so that you can ultimately drive brand recognition and revenue for your business.

Don’t be shy, give this one a whirl and remember, both templates can be easily edited to fit your needs:

Well, there you have it! Two easy-to-use, free templates to help you in the survey writing process. Be sure to check them out under the Market Research category of questions in our Question Bank–our library containing hundreds of questions created and certified by our very own survey methodologists. New to using Question Bank? Learn more about it here.

Do you need feedback about your new product idea, or are you looking for design feedback? The opinions of SurveyMonkey Audience members are just a few clicks away!

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  • john christopherson

    I have to do a survey called 3DPAR which you can find online by googling. However, I would like to make one using SurveyMonkey. The question is: Is there a way to copy an existing 3DPAR survey that exists on SurveyMonkey (I found it while googling)?

    • Kayte K

      Hi there, John! Sounds like a great question for our tech support monkeys. If you send a note to, we should have an answer for you in a jiffy!

  • larry russell

    Your staff cannot be reached by phone ergo I do not recommend your site and I use it sparingly – stop hiding in your IT cave

    • Kayte K

      Hi Larry! We definitely want to help you and yes, our customer support is email-based. It’s our fastest form of support and we try to respond to all requests within about an hour, sometimes less. For tech support questions, if you could kindly write to, one of our team members will get to you ASAP. For billing specific questions- please reach out to Thanks so much for reaching out to us and hope this helps!

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