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SurveyMonkey Audience Helps Find the Perfect Gift for That Special Someone

SurveyMonkey Audience Helps Find the Perfect Gift for That Special Someone

Oh-ho-ho, it’s that most wonderful time of the year and it’s (gulp) already here. Are you ready? For those of us who haven’t yet found The Perfect Gift for That Special Someone, it may be time to start panicking. Not the case luckily for one of our very own monkeys (who shall remain nameless) here at SurveyMonkey! He wisely avoided any last minute stress by using SurveyMonkey Audience to help him figure out: What exactly would be The Perfect Gift to give his wife this holiday season?

Over 80 women, aged 18-60, took his survey and here’s what he found out.

After this year’s Black Friday weekend, we already knew the hottest gift items this season would be anything and everything electronic. Our nameless monkey went one step further and got to find out which shiny gadget ranks the highest on wish lists.

The homerun winner? Apple‘s iPad knocked it way out of the park. Even its relative, the iPod, got benched earning zero points from respondents- ouch.

Thinking about buying her some bling this year? According to our findings, you’ll want to be sure to steer clear of the timepieces (11%) and go for the necklaces (34%). And alas, no pageant queens here- only 1% thought she would want a tiara. And so, our nameless monkey heeded our merry survey-takers and went confidently off to pick up an iPad. We hope she enjoys!

We hope you’re not still frantically seeking the perfect gift but just in case you are, let us know what you’re hoping to find- and hoping to receive- in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

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  • I wonder if there was a correlation between the recommended tech device and the OS used to submit their results? That is, did respondents on iPads universally recommend iOS devices?

    • Kayte K

      Hi there Michael,

      That sounds like a great survey question to us! Thanks for reading and happy new year. :)


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