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SurveyMonkey Analyze BETA…Now with Exports!

SurveyMonkey Analyze BETA…Now with Exports!

Several months ago, we introduced our Analyze BETA, providing a new, better way to analyze your survey results. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working on adding all the features you need to understand and share your results.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve now added Exports to the Analyze BETA. The ability to save your data to an Excel file has been our most requested feature since we opened up the Beta to SurveyMonkey users.

Now, BETA users will be able to download their results without having to switch back to the classic Analyze section on the site. Not only that, but BETA users will also be able to:

  • Request exports and download all requested files right from the results – no need to go to a different page just for exports.
  • Export data from Saved Views – create your Saved Views with the FILTER or COMPARE rules all set up for a particular data analysis, then export directly from the View to download a file with the analysis already done.


There are 3 different places to go to try out the new Exports:

  1. Click the “Export All” button at the top right of the page to export all of your data in either Summary or All Responses format.
  2. Click on “Export View” in the menu associated with any of your Saved Views to export that view of your data.
  3. Click on “Download File” in the menu associated with any of your previously requested Exports to save the file on your own computer.


After you request the export with your selected format and options, you can continue with your analysis while we create the file. When your file is ready, we will notify you on the page, and you will find a link to your file (plus file details) in the Exports section in the left-hand side of the page (see #3 above).

We currently have the following export types and file formats available in the BETA:

  • Summary Data in Excel and CSV formats
  • All Responses Data in Excel and CSV formats

We’re working hard to bring more of what you want into the BETA version of our analysis tools, so expect the following soon:

  • Summary Data in PDF format – great new files that match the extensive charts and easy-to-read format of the new BETA results page
  • All Responses Data in SPSS format – for advanced users who do analysis in the SPSS statistical package

Plus much more, so watch this area for information on more new features and bug fixes we’ll be releasing weekly.

Also, if you’re reading this post but don’t have access to our Analyze BETA, just fill out the Analyze BETA Request survey below, and we’ll put you into the BETA so you can be one of the first to try it out. So give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  • Kerry

    I noticed yesterday that PDF format download was available on the Survey Summary, so I gave it a try.
    Generally it looks great and I’m champing at the bit to use it for my client reports, but a couple of comments:

    1. Having the Survey Monkey branding appear in the report would be problematic for users who are doing 3rd party surveys on behalf of clients.

    2. The report appears as a single page per question, meaning reports will potentially be very long. Would it be possible to offer a compression option that allows multiple questions per report page?


    • Kayte K

      Hi Kerry,

      First, many apologies for the delay in response! Yep, our Product team is currently working on a non-branded report option for our Gold or Platinum users. You can currently remove our branding from your PDF export as a Platinum user. Check out the link to our Help Center here:

      The Product Team’s also working on a compression option for PDF exports as well. Keep an eye on the Analyze Beta for news on that to come!

      Hope this helps and let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks for reading. :)

  • Kerry Bielik

    As a Platinum subscriber, it’s very disappointing that development of the Beta Analysis seems to have ground to a shuddering halt.

    If anything, it has gone backwards. Example: 3 months ago I was able to download PDF summaries in either landscape or portrait formats. Now when I try to use the landscape option, the download keeps reverting to portrait format. I also experience problems with combining downloaded PDF files in Adobe acrobat. I have to re-save the file using Acrobat each time, meaning additional workload.

    Nothing yet either on the compression option since it was mentioned in early December.

    It’s coming up to renewal time for my subscription and frankly, there are other systems available with greater functionality at prices not much more than Survey Monkey’s Platinum level.

    • Kayte K

      Hi Kerry, we’re sorry to hear this and we definitely appreciate your feedback. We’re continuing to work hard on our Analyze Create and hope to provide updates soon. Please do feel free to share your comments with our Analyze Create team, there’s a Feedback tab in the new Analyze.

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