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Bike to Work Day: A Weekday Adventure!

Bike to Work Day: A Weekday Adventure!
Bike Riders

Just another weekday morning? Not if you’re a Monkey!

A group of us here at SurveyMonkey decided it was time for a physical challenge. Rather than taking the morning train to get to work, we decided to mix it up a bit. One might see cycling from San Francisco to SurveyMonkey’s office in Palo Alto as a daunting ordeal, but we like to see it as a great accomplishment.

In San Francisco’s pre-dawn darkness were eleven studly Monkeys ready to embark on their long journey south. As with any epic adventure story, the 36-mile ride did not come without its trials and tribulations. In the first three miles, two of our riders unintentionally played “chicken” when they collided in a fender bender that nearly taco’d a wheel. (If you’ve never heard of “chicken” before, it’s when two players drive towards each other on a collision course with the first one to swerve ceremoniously named chicken.) Luckily, no damage was done in the accident, and the riders were able to peacefully enjoy the ride while watching the sunrise.

Instead of leaving them to fend for themselves unsure whether they will make the journey or not, a group of us came to their rescue with refreshments and praise. As the riders ate snack bars, drank coffee and reminisced the journey, the second half of the ride continued to loom over their heads. My favorite quote of the day came during this time as one Monkey stated, “I would rather throw-up riding my bike than call it a quits.” Clearly, this was a dedicated troop of Monkeys.

With tired legs but proud hearts, the riders finally reached SurveyMonkey’s Palo Alto office and were greeted with many congratulations and breakfast burritos–the food of champions.

Until the next bike ride, awesome job Monkeys!

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