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Listening and Learning: Insights from an UX Designer (and Occasional Pirate)

Listening and Learning: Insights from an UX Designer (and Occasional Pirate)

Meet Mike. In his free time, he likes to sail the high seas and search for hidden treasure, but when he takes his pirate hat off, he’s a member of the User Experience (UX) team here at SurveyMonkey.

As he describes it, “the aim of the UX team is to create and guide smooth, simple and seamless experiences on our site. We work to ensure our site meets & exceeds customers expectations, and is presented in an organized, visually appealing way.”

Recently, Mike shared some his professional insights in an article for TalentZoo and explained that all of us–SurveyMonkey customers and employees alike–are all part of the UX team.

He wrote: “Whatever your title, you are an experience designer. Customers are experiencing your products or services every day; will you listen to what they have to say? We can all be more successful designers, companies, and people if we open our ears and eyes to what people are saying about us, our companies, and our products.”

To read his article in full, click here.

Interested in hearing more insights from our UX team? Want to see more pictures from SurveyMonkey’s pirate day? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Michelle

    Listening to customers is always a good practice! Great article!

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