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On May 22nd, 2012 TrueSample officially released our new website,

TrueSample has a new website!For the past three years TrueSample has held the domain, which was primarily used for clients to login and utilize the TrueSample service.  The release of is an exciting development for us. The new site not only gives clients access to their TrueSample account and services; it also allows prospective clients to check out TrueSample and gather more information about the service, the team, and the TrueSample Quality Council, which meets twice a year.  Furthermore, the site dives into the process that TrueSample uses to provide quality within market research, so clients and prospective clients really understand the methodology behind our service.

Other features of this site include a Contact-Us form for prospective clients to reach out to the TrueSample team if they are interested in gathering more information or would like to discuss a TrueSample license.  There is a link to the TrueSample SlideShare site where various white papers and articles about TrueSample are posted.  Finally, they can link over to the SurveyMonkey blog in order to read the various TrueSample blog posts, as well as general information and tips to improve for your online surveys.

Along with the release of the new website, TrueSample released our new help center.  The new help center provides more accurate search results, allows users to rank articles and FAQs, download documentation and create a support case.  With this new help center, TrueSample now provides a single sign-on support center so that when users create a case within the help center, they are able to track the status of the case and refer back to the case in the future if they need a reminder about the case details.

TrueSample help centerWe’ve added a whole lot of new information, resources, and pages that we hope will provide you with an even better experience using our site and service. Try it out, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below or check out this nofollowtestforseo. Thank you!

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