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TrueSample Product Updates: Real, Unique and Engaged – and now Qualified, Too

TrueSample Product Updates: Real, Unique and Engaged – and now Qualified, Too
TrueSample, a surveymoney company

We’re pleased to announce the roll-out of the following new capabilities in TrueSample, designed to provide researchers and clients with more powerful capabilities to ensure the quality of their online market research sample.

  • Real-Time Qualified Survey ExclusionsWe’ve expanded researchers’ ability to specify survey sample qualification criteria according to their own particular needs, so TrueSample can now identify online survey respondents who match that criteria in real time. TrueSample also allows you to do exclusions based on your qualification criteria across all sample sources and surveys within the TrueSample network.That means that in addition to the Real, Unique, and Engaged™ checks that TrueSample has always performed on survey respondents, you can specify your own “Qualified” check.Your criteria can include respondents who have taken previous surveys within a given time frame, those who use specific product or service categories, or target specific research methods and/or end clients.As an example, a “Qualified” check would enable a researcher to exclude any respondent who has taken a toothbrush concept test survey from Company X within the last 90 days where:
    -Category: Toothbrush
    -Method: Concept Test
    -End Client: Company X
    -Time-frame: Last 90 days
  • On-Demand Panel Membership Overlap Reports

Panel Membership Overlap Reports to compare respondent overlap between different panel sources are now available for download on demand. Previously, these reports were provided quarterly to clients who selected to receive them. Because overlap data diminishes in value over time, we are pleased to offer more frequent reports to our clients.

  • Additional TrueSample Improvements

− Improvements to the Survey Validation API to better pinpoint respondent validation issues and facilitate updates as TrueSample evolves.

− Enhanced detail for TrueSample Survey Validation Reports, to better understand survey completion rates and panel characteristics.

− Expanded transaction detail reporting for account administrators.

For more information on about the newest release of TrueSample and its capabilities, please contact

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