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New: SurveyMonkey Analyze Beta

New: SurveyMonkey Analyze Beta
SurveyMonkey Analyze Beta

A couple weeks ago, my next-desk neighbor Kevin showed you the future of our survey design tools.  Now I’m here to introduce the future of our survey analysis tools.  And (with all due respect to Kevin) while pretty prototypes are great, what I have to share is (in my humble opinion) even better: a Beta version of our Analyze tab that lets you analyze all the data in your SurveyMonkey account today, using brand new features as we finish them.

Join the Beta now by filling out this survey.

You spoke, we listened

We started the process of building a new Analyze section many months ago, and we started with you, our customers.  We asked you (using a survey, of course) how you use SurveyMonkey to analyze your data, what things you like and dislike, and what you wish you could do.  We even visited some of our users and watched them analyze their own surveys.  Here’s some of what we heard:

Lots of clicks? Not so good.

You got a bunch of responses to your survey and you want to analyze the results and make decisions fast.  You don’t want to have to make a bunch of clicks and visit multiple pages to get the insights you’re looking for.  That’s why we’ve created a new interface that lets you Filter and Compare your data without leaving the results page.  Make a change and see it instantly reflected in your results.

Lots of charts?  Very good.

You love charts for your data.  They make the data clearer and they look great in your reports.  So we improved our charts – putting them right on the summary page with your data and making them more customizable (even for Basic users!).  You can choose from 8 different chart types, customize the axes, and display the data right on the charts.

Reports come in many shapes and sizes.

We know you create different reports for different audiences.  We’ve made it easy to create different views of your data and switch between them with one click.  Build Show rules to select which questions appear in your results, filter your data, then save it all in a Saved View. You can also choose to show or hide charts and tables for any of your questions.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get


Be one of the first to try the new Analyze

A few select users have already gotten a glimpse of the new Beta features, but now we’re opening the Beta up to everyone who’s interested! 

Just fill out this survey below to let us know you want to check it out, and we’ll give you access to the Beta.  (You’ll see a new “Analyze BETA” tab on SurveyMonkey, right next to the usual Create, Collect, and Analyze tabs.)


Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

And, of course, once you’ve had a chance to use the new Analyze Beta, we’d love to hear from you about how it’s working for you. There’s a “Feedback” tab in the new Analyze that you’ll be able to see on every page, so don’t be a stranger.

Thanks, and happy analyzing!

— Josh Hornik, Sr. Product Manager


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  • Ann Yoshihashi

    Really appreciate your efforts to improve the tool. Another suggestion is providing the option to analyze responses as weighted averages…eg responders who use X 5 times rate it as a 1 is counted more than responder who used it once and rates it a 5

    • Hanna J

      Hi Ann – That’s a great suggestion! We’ve passed it along to our product team. We’ll keep you posted about the latest innovations in Analyze, and we hope you keep letting us know your ideas and feedback. Thanks!

  • o0o

    That’s a great

  • Toni

    When will I be able to export the graphs – the new compare ability has made the data for my survey much easier to demonstrate in graph form…i.e comparing heterosexual responses to LGBTQIQ responses….something I could not figure out how to do with old analyse button.

    I am at the point of writing up my results and would really appreciate the ability to export the new graph form

    • Sheila G

      Hi Toni, glad you like the new Analyze! The ability to export should be available later this week!

      • Toni

        Hey Sheila,

        All I can say is mwah
        Love you long time

        You guys rock

        Heres hoping for an honours grade

        One Happy customer
        Toni :-)

        • Sheila G

          If you’re happy, we’re happy! Thanks Toni!

  • Kerry B

    I see that the export facility is partially working, in that data can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.
    All well and good but when will the PDF facility be available? That is far more necessary if one wants to provide the information in a report format.

    Got to say, 5 months since announcing the upgrade and still not complete, is pretty unsatisfactory.

    • Sheila G

      Hi Kerry. The export into PDF will be available in early November. We’ll be posting to the blog when it’s ready, so stay tuned!

  • Bez

    I like all of the feature in Analyze, it makes it so much easier to manage data. I was trying to export in excel and it seems to take a really long time. Is that a beta glitch or is that feature not available yet?

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