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SurveyMonkey Goes Brazil

SurveyMonkey Goes Brazil

On stage at Endeavor

On stage at Endeavor[/caption]Earlier this month, I was fortunate to spend some time with entrepreneurs, reporters and partners in Brazil.  It was a whirlwind trip.  We announced our local country manager, Rodolfo Ohl, and got to experience, first-hand, the excitement and rapid growth of start-ups in the country.

One of the reporters I met with, Esteban Israel, a Thomson Reuters correspondent of Latin America (and very impressive guy) recently wrote an article about the explosive growth of the Brazil tech sector.  I believe that Brazil is just getting started.  Here at SurveyMonkey, we hope to support that growth by providing the data and insights which businesses and entrepreneurs need to give them a competitive edge.

I spoke at two business schools (FECAP & FGV) and two entrepreneur events (BR New Tech  & Endeavor BR) about my experience as an entrepreneur and what they can learn from our Silicon Valley culture.  I talked about the different elements that make our culture unique. The one piece of advice I imparted was for them to embrace failure.  Silicon Valley is a hotbed for innovation because we believe in failing fast instead of languishing in mediocrity.  It’s easier to fail if you’re not afraid of it.  No one will hold it against you.

Talking with entrepreneurs at Brazil New Tech

I did get to spend one day (well, more like 10 hours) in Rio.   I met with a few people and spent time at Peixe Urbano  where I did a Q&A with employees and local entrepreneurs.  Thanks to everyone a Peixe for being our hosts, and to everyone I met during my trip.  See you again soon.  And, next time, I hope to actually get to visit the beach instead of watching it whiz by my taxi window.


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  • VERY inspiring!!! An amazing role model for our future generations!

    • Hanna J

      Hi Rodrigo – We think so too! Thanks for your comment. Have a great weekend.

  • Thank you so much for sharing knowledge with us, Dave. We´re waiting you back.

    Best regards,

    São Paulo, Brazil

    • Hanna J

      Obrigado Taiguara! We hope to see you soon.

  • Hello, I cannot find an e-mail address to your accounts department. I am contracted for a governmental organisation which needs an invoice prior to purchasing the Premium Survey Monkey, and I would like to receive same from you so that we can process this purchase. We’ve waited 4 months and are about to go to your competitors. Please will you get a real person to contact me on so that we can process this purchase?

    • Bennett P

      Hi Catherine – We’ll have someone from billing reach out to you. Thanks.

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