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How To Be A Survey Superhero

How To Be A Survey Superhero

Creating Your Survey

This article is the first in a series of survey tips, tricks, and suggestions to help you get started with SurveyMonkey. In this article we focus on the methods and best practices as well as resources available to you when creating your survey. SurveyMonkey helps you get fast answers to inform your important business decisions. But you’ll need to ask the right questions, and we are here to help. Getting answers with SurveyMonkey is as easy as 1 (create) – 2 (send) – 3 (analyze).

Survey Creation Best Practices

  • Keep the survey short and focused: Shorter surveys generally have higher response rates and lower abandonment among survey respondents.
  • Make sure your survey flows in a logical order: Begin with broader-based questions and then move to those narrower in scope. Take advantage of SurveyMonkey’s skip logic feature, which allows you to create custom paths that respondents follow depending on their response to a question.
  • Use closed-ended questions whenever possible: Closed-ended questions give respondents specific choices. They can take the form of yes/no, multiple-choice or rating scale and are much easier for the respondent to answer and for you to analyze than open-ended questions. View the question type preview tool to see all of your question type options.
  • Keep rating scale questions consistent through the survey: Use the same number of points on the scale and make sure meanings of the scale’s high and low stay consistent throughout the survey. Switching your rating scales around will confuse respondents, and will leave you with unreliable results.
  • Disable use of the back button: Prevents recording of partial responses when survey respondents complete the questionnaire. Learn how.
  • Last but not least: Save the survey often!
  • Check out our Demos and Tutorials: SurveyMonkey has a ton of great demos and tutorials – check them all out here

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