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Top States To Be A Survey Sender

Top States To Be A Survey Sender

Jonesin’ hard for your weekly SurveyMonkey data fix? Well read no further, because have we got a color-coded a map of the United States just for you, our loyal blog enthusiasts.

We started with a simple question – Do US survey completion rates vary by state? Thankfully, we arrived at a simple answer – Yes.

Here are the steps we took to get there:

We started with 100K random surveys. These had to fit the following criteria:

  • The survey must have been created by a paid account holder, in the United States, and within the past 6 months.
  • The survey had to contain between 5 and 1,000 responses, be between 2 and 10 pages in length, and contain between 2 and 50 questions.

From these surveys, we pulled 5 million responses at random, checked whether that response was completed, and IP-mapped it to a specific US state. Phew.

All of the effort was worth it, though, because now we can thank all the good folks in the Midwest for such great response rates! (Except you, Illinois and Wisconsin – you should know better). Unsurprisingly, the beach-states (Florida-California-Hawaii) were a little too busy basking in the sun to respond to their surveys.

Check out our map for which states made the cut. Notice the entire Northeast was equal to or below the median response rate. Considering it was football season, we’ll let it slide – but with the Super Bowl behind us there are no excuses (looking at you New York and Massachusetts).

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  • Interesting.

    I’m in Nevada. We’re ground zero for economic misery these days (with respect to those of us who live here).

  • molly knapp

    Hi, I do a column for our regional library newsletter called “What’s new with SurveyMonkey” (we have a Premium Subscription) and wondered if i could get permission to use the graphic in this post for the next column. You can view the newsletter here (it’s free-we’re librarians after all) :

    Love the blog! Thanks, Molly Knapp

    • Hanna J

      Hi Molly, You can absolutely use that image. We love your column! We’d love to have you guest blog for us, if that’s something you’d be interested in. You could write as much as you’d like, about whatever you’d like. Email me directly at if you’re interested. Thank you!

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