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Which Country Asks the Most Survey Questions?

Which Country Asks the Most Survey Questions?

HAPPY 2012 everyone!  Welcome to the first blog post for 2012.  If you are anything like me, you spent your holidays wondering which country asks the most survey questions (yes, I did spend time thinking about this)!  If you had to venture a guess, which country would you choose?

Any guesses?

Okay, I’ll give you a few hints. The capitol is Budapest, its famous for its delicious goulash, and its native son, Ernő Rubik, invented the Rubik’s cube!

Now do you have it?

…that’s right, it’s Hungary! Our data shows that the global median for the number of questions asked is 11 per survey. Well, Hungary doubles that, asking on average 22 questions!  Austria comes in at close second with 18 questions. And where does the United States fit in all of this? At only 10 questions per survey.

The graph below examines the top 15 countries that ask most questions per survey, with median highlighted by green line.

And to our friends in Hungary: Köszönöm szépen (thank you very much)!

Data disclaimer: country information is based on survey creators’ origin, paid accounts only, for surveys that have collected at least 5 responses. Only countries with substantial number of surveys are considered.

Are you interested in seeing more blog posts about data and insights? Suggest a topic below and we’ll work it into our 2012 schedule!

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