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Video Demo: How to Create Your First Survey

Video Demo: How to Create Your First Survey

Are you new to SurveyMonkey? Has it been a while since you created your last survey? Do you just really like watching videos? Then check out this 1-minute demo on how to get going.

The sooner you start creating surveys, the sooner you’ll start getting the data you need to make better, more informed decision. Now get started!

Do you have any questions on how to create a survey? Are there other SurveyMonkey features you think should be covered in a video demo? Tell us!  Take our survey here, or let us know what you think in our comments section below.

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  • David

    Would like to see the different options of using SurveyMonkey on my website. I.e. embed vs. popup. Or a live-demo server would be even better :-)

    • Thanks for the feedback David! We’ll definitely keep it in mind!


  • Dave Grierson

    It looks useful.

  • Evaluating to see if MonkeySurvey could do what we need. But. Cannot work out how to send the survey invitation link to the email addresses of the respondents.

    As with each system I have tried so far, I am hoping to eventually discover if I can get the report I need – which is, how each person answered each question. In Excel format. Problem is most surveys only tell you the proportion of respondents who gave each answer.

    Thanks :-)

  • OK! I found out how to send – using collectors. Now need to discover how the reporting works..

  • I think you went a little bit too fast in your demo for a real beginner. We are sending out a ballot for a new VP and Directors and the instructions for inserting photos/images are very misleading and hard to follow. Is there a set of instructions hidden someplace that will give a better understanding of just how to insert the image without having to keep playing with the dimensions so you don’t have to keep saving, go check it out and then open the survey again to make changes until it fits the way you want it to? Thanks for your help!


  • futureleads

    Creating a survey monkey is very essential to the members of this noble international organization, but i want to know why a basic member can not access the pages of collecting responses before upgrading to get the necessary procedure on how to get multiple responses from other body.

    • Kayte K

      Hi there, thank you for your question! With the Basic plan, you have access to 100 respondents per survey with a 10 question limit. If you need to share responses, your best bet would be to upgrade to our Select plan. More info on our pricing here for you:

      Let us know if that helps and thanks for reading. :)

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