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Start Making Better Decisions with SurveyMonkey Audience

Start Making Better Decisions with SurveyMonkey Audience

Have you ever needed to target specific respondents for your survey, but didn’t know how to find them?

SurveyMonkey Audience, a program we began piloting earlier this year, is designed to solve that exact problem. SurveyMonkey Audience is an engaged and diverse set of people—ready to give feedback. We recruit from the 30+ million people who take SurveyMonkey surveys every day, to help you target just the people you need for your project.

The program has been growing quickly–we have a member base of roughly 200,000 respondents you can target based on a variety of demographic criteria. We’d like to invite you to test it out. Or feel free to share with friends and colleagues who might be interested.

For more information about SurveyMonkey Audience click here for our PDF that includes all the details.

If you’re ready to get started, go ahead and complete our Customer Request Form.

SurveyMonkey Audience

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  • Craig

    I want to ask political questions…..what is the cost? Craig

  • eliana

    i would like to survey Spanish teachers who have graduated in the last 3 years, if possible from the State of Georgia. Is that possible?!

  • Ron

    I would like to survey community-based nonprofit board members.

  • Hi from the SurveyMonkey Audience team…

    Craig: the cost is flat at $3 per response, regardless of topic or demographic targeting. The fastest way to get started is to fill out a project request using our Wufoo form and our team will get back in touch with you quickly to get you started:

    Eliana: We probably dont have enough members yet that fit that very specific targeting criteria to get you enough data, but we do have a partner who can help out with specific requests like yours if you fill out our form we can check it out to see if its possible to find that group of people (but the cost goes up a bit per response when you need something that targeted). Any chance you could broaden your search to “graduates within the past 3-5 years who speak spanish?” that would be something we could run a quick project for to see if you can get some helpful data.

    Ron: This is a tricky group for us to find today since the percent of people that fit that criteria is very low in the American population. I don’t think we’d be able to help with this today, but we have a significant number of respondents who are active in nonprofits, so if that group could ever be used, we may be a great fit.

  • Mike

    I would like to survey employees sending it to their Outlook e-mail account and limit their response to one time only, to maintain data integrity. Is this possible?

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  • Hi Shirley,
    We don’t ask our members any questions about caregiving in our new member profiles, so it would be very hard for us to deliver a meaningful sample of adult caregivers today. But, we do have a partner who may be able to fill your needs. If you would like us to have them contact you, please fill out our customer inquiry form and we will put you in touch with them. A link to the form is available here:
    Best Regards,

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  • I would like to survey church pastors and/or youth group ministry leaders; is this possible? THX

  • Hi Janet,
    The percentage of church pastors and/or youth group ministry leaders in the US population is relatively small, and we do not ask this as a profile question when our members register. So, we may have a hard time finding a statistically significant sample for your needs, but, we do have a partner who maintains a large base of potential respondents and can often help out with projects where these smaller groups need to be targeted. Their pricing, however, will be higher than SurveyMonkey Audience in these situations since it may be difficult to find certain types of people. If you’d like us to pass your info to our partner so they can contact you and provide information on whether they could help with your project, and costs, please fill out this form and we can connect you.


  • i would like to survey church pastors; is this possible?????? thanx

    • Earlier, Janet asked the same question. Take a look at Brent’s response where he outlines some options for church pastors.

  • Kaycee

    Can I join the audience of people being surveyed?

  • Ksy

    Hi Brent,
    You say the cost is flat at $3 per response. I take it this means $3 per question, per respondent? But somewhere on the site it says that the cost of an audience is as low as $1 per question. Where does the difference between these two numbers come from? Thank you!

    • Kayte K

      Hi Ksy,

      Thanks for your question! The difference between these two numbers is that pricing now starts at $1 per response and yep, you did see it on our site. Here’s the page for you (scroll all the way to the bottom):

      Let us know if you have any additional questions and thanks for reading!

  • Adam Turner

    If I wanted to survey a sample of 500 small business owners in Belfast, Northern Ireland, would that be possible?

    • Kayte K

      Hi Adam- Unfortunately we don’t offer respondents in Ireland yet. Other than the US, we can provide respondents residing in the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia.

      • Jay

        From Wikipedia:

        “Northern Ireland […] is a part of the United Kingdom in the north-east of the island of Ireland”

        • Kayte K

          Thanks for the correction!

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