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What Can You Learn in One Question?

What Can You Learn in One Question?

Short can be sweet. These five savvy surveyors show that you can learn a lot by asking a single question.

1. Always wanted to be an editor?

Help author Amy Ahlers choose a subtitle for her upcoming book:

2. Are you press savvy?

Help answer what’s most important in measuring the success of a press release:

3. Love micro-brews?

Public School 612, a new bar and grill opening in Spring 2011, needs your help deciding what beer to add to their menu:

4. Fashion forward with a soft spot for geeks?

Help the Nerd Club pick a t-shirt color:

5. Happy dog owner?

What discount would you value most? NOVAdog wants to know:

Concise and smart? Share your one-question survey with us in the comments below.

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