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Parent Volunteer Survey Example

Parent Volunteer Survey Example

It’s hard to believe we’re already mid-way through the current school year. Signs this is true are the flyers being sent home to recruit parent volunteers for Spring Celebration as well as the four tubs of frozen cookie dough that were just shoved into the freezer (purchased from the holiday fundraising drive). As more and more schools look to parent volunteers to run school programs, increase fundraising activities, and help support teachers in the classroom, we are seeing many schools turn to SurveyMonkey as a fast and easy way to reach out to parents, gather useful feedback, and even sign up volunteers.

There are a variety of parent feedback surveys conducted on SurveyMonkey and we’ll be sharing several different examples in posts this month. We’re kicking off the series with one focused on gathering Parent Volunteer feedback. With this survey, you can see which school programs have the highest level of parent participation, understand the relationship between participation and volunteering, and even identify parents who may be interested in leading future programs. We also use skip logic in this survey so that only parents who answer “Yes” to being open to providing more feedback and attending follow-up meetings will be asked to provide their contact information.

As with all of the example surveys we’re sharing, the one above is meant to serve as a starting point for you to adapt to your own needs for better understanding parent volunteerism at your school (or to send along to your friend who is running her school’s PTA as a little time-saving gift). So click around, borrow ideas, and double what you raise at your next walk-a-thon.
Have a creative way you’ve gathered parent feedback? We would love to learn more in the comments below.

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  • Nicole

    I love this! This would really help our PTO out a lot in getting feedback from our parents and hopefully boosting our events and volunteers! Thank you so much!

    • Nicole–you are so welcome! We’re very glad this example was helpful. Let us know if there are other specific types of parent surveys (or any other type) you’d like to see.

  • We do a long survey every spring to gather feedback on everything from teachers & administration to campus issues. Most of the questions remain the same from year to year so we can track changes, then we have a section that changes to address pressing issues of the day.

    It has been a great tool for us, but I’d love some help on survey design to lesson the amount of hand work on the back-end. Is it possible to discuss the specifics with someone at S.M? I’d be happy to share the survey with other schools.

    • Hi Linda–we’d be happy to help. I’ll follow up by email. Also, thanks for your offer to share your survey with others–we would really appreciate that!

  • Lilly G

    Hi Linda
    I am heading up the PA and trying to get the school to use an annual survey to start keeping track of progress regarding school administration, curriculum, PA
    Please do post Linda’s survey if she shares it since it would be great to see what other schools are sending out.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lilly–thanks for letting us know you’re interested in seeing Linda’s example (and potentially others as well). We’ll make sure to share a few more examples!

  • Kendra Perkins

    We are in need of a community volunteer survey – not specific to parents. Something that we could use with our local businesses and faith based community to recruit volunteers and gauge interest. Any ideas?

  • Amelia

    I am looking for a quiz for parents to take that will showcase what their strengths are so that they can see how they can help out with the school’s PTO

    • Kayte K

      Hi there Amelia- just to make sure, are you looking for a quiz template or a survey template? We”ve got lots of survey templates that may be of help to you but we don’t offer quizzes unfortunately.

      Just let us know, thanks!

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