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6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use SurveyMonkey to Do More With Less

6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use SurveyMonkey to Do More With Less

Supporting nonprofits has been important to the Monkey team since the company started over ten years ago. We launched a program this year to further enable our employees to help the causes near and dear to them with two important resources: money and information.

The money part comes from matching employee donations since we know that funding is always top of mind for nonprofits working to make a difference.

The information part comes from encouraging our employees to help the nonprofit of their choice set up and use SurveyMonkey to gather critical data to make better (and faster!) decisions.

Through our employees’ efforts and speaking with our amazing nonprofit customers, we’re identifying key ways these organizations use SurveyMonkey to do more with less.

6 specific things nonprofits can effectively do with SurveyMonkey:

1) Marketing & market research
2) Event planning
3) Gathering donor feedback
4) Strategic planning
5) Volunteer management
6) Board governance

Marketing & Market Research

Being able to share the passion, mission, and impact of a nonprofit in a compelling way can mean the difference between attracting a new donor and being passed over as a good, but forgettable, cause.

Surveys allow you to:

  • Get feedback from your target audience on the effectiveness of your current message and how it can be improved.
  • Gather ideas for fresh and compelling content.
  • Engage your supporters by letting them vote for programs, projects, and even your tagline.

Check out these resources for more great ideas and information:

Stay tuned for future posts that will dive into more detail on each of the other five ways nonprofits are using SurveyMonkey every day to do more with lean resources.

Have a good idea for how nonprofits can use surveys to further their cause? We’d love to hear it, so please share in comments. Or if you need help with managing grant applications or scholarship management, take a look at our partner FluidReview.

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Ever wonder what SurveyMonkey's really made of?

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