Automatic data connection for customers of Thematic.
Pull survey responses into Thematic for analysis
View and use analytics tools to find insights
Create dashboards for presenting findings to the wider organization
Create and schedule push reports to notify colleagues of changes to customer service drivers

Thematic automatically analyzes answers to open-ended questions and provides advanced visualizations and dashboards.

Here is how it works:
1. We pull in survey responses from customer feedback surveys (NPS etc) along with metadata about each response.
2. We automatically discovers themes in answers to open-ended questions, captures each theme's sentiment and code each response according one or multiple themes.
3. We analyze visualization tools help answer questions such as what do people mention most frequently, what is driving scores up or down, which segments talk about a theme more, how things change over time.
4. We also create dashboards for sharing insights with others. These can be converted into reports and sent via email or as Powerpoint presentations.

Best for: NPS, eNPS, CSAT and other Customer Feedback surveys. Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Employee Feedback, Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Product Feedback.