Young Alumni Leadership Program Mentee Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Boston-Based Young Alumni Leadership Program as a mentee.

Please fill out the application below and submit it by August 25, 2014. If you have any questions please contact Erin Stringer, in the Office of Alumni Relations or Andy Hughes, in the Garthwait Leadership Center.

You SHOULD apply to YALP Boston as a mentee if:
-you are a Gettysburg College BOLD alum (class of 2014-2005)
-you live in the Boston region
-you are looking to be mentored in leadership development by a seasoned Gettysburg alum
-you want to learn more about leadership and how you can become a more effective leader
-you have an idea of where you can put your leadership mentoring into practice (ie. work, graduate school, community groups, personal interests, etc.)
-you have at least apx. 1 hour/week to dedicate to your personal leadership development and relationship with your mentor
-you can commit to attend the two in-person workshop dates outlined below
-you love Gettysburg College!

You should NOT apply to YALP as a mentee if:
-you want to mentor current students--this program does not involve current students
-you do not have anywhere that you can put leadership skills into practice within your current life situation
-you believe that you are a leadership expert
-you cannot attend the two in-person workshop dates outlined below
-you don't have apx. 1 hour/week to dedicate to your personal leadership development and relationship with your mentor

Dates for YALP Baoston are:
Thursday, October 2, 2014
Thursday, May 7, 2015

There is a $250 participation fee for mentees, due when matched with a mentor. This fee covers our program book, The Leadership Challenge, food, drinks, and other program materials used during the workshops.

At this time we can only match approximately 10 mentees for the YALP Boston program. We regret that we cannot match every applicant, but we do our best to make the best mentor/mentee matches possible.

1. Name:
2. Class Year:
3. Address, City, State, Zip
4. Phone:
5. Email:
6. Preferred contact method:
7. Gettysburg College Major:
8. Occupation/Title:
9. Company/Employer Name:
10. Please briefly describe your job responsibilities:
11. Advanced Degree/Institution:
12. Please list the activities, organizations, groups, athletics teams, and/or
on-campus jobs that you were involved in while a student at Gettysburg College:
13. What activities, organizations, groups, etc. have you been involved with since
graduation? (Please include any Gettysburg affiliated groups):
14. Why do you want to participate in the Young Alumni Leadership Program?:
15. What do you hope to take away from your participation in the Young Alumni Leadership Program?:
16. How do you intend to use what you learn through the Young Alumni Leadership Program in your daily life?:
17. Describe what you hope to get out of your mentor relationship.:
18. To which program do you wish to apply?
19. How would you like to be matched with your mentor? (Please select all that apply):
20. Signature
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