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1. How did you hear about the Wingate?
2. We love to know exactly how you found out about us, so please list the clients name, specific radio station, magazine, bridal show, etc below. We reward our current clients and employees for referrals!
3. What spa or salon services did you have during your visit? Please check all that apply:
4. Please rate your experience with our front desk:
Promptness and professionalism while scheduling appointment
Ease of scheduling - appointments available, options offered, confirmation of details
Greeting - welcomed in a friendly manner and given instruction and/or direction
Ease and efficiency of checkout
Ease and efficiency of scheduling future appointments
5. Please rate your experience with our service providers:
Courtesy and friendliness
Skill and expertise
Recommendations for product and at home care
6. Please rate your Wingate Tea Time/Catering Services:
Quality of food
Food service provider
7. Please rate your overall experience:
Organization - flow of services, retail products available, information provided
Atmosphere - cleanliness of spa/salon, treatment rooms, decor, music
Satisfaction with service
Satisfaction with retail products
8. Will you return to the Wingate Salon & Spa in the future?
9. Would you recommend the Wingate to your family and friends?
10. Would you like someone to contact you about your visit? Please list the information below.
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