VA-BC Exam Study Guide Survey

1. This study guide helped me to prepare for the VACC exam:
2. Exam questions were adequately covered in the study guide:
3. What content in the exam was not adequately covered in the study guide?
4. How satisfied were you with:
Very satisfiedSatisfIedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfied
The general layout of the guide?
The content of the guide?
The wording of the guide?
The flow of the guide?
5. How could the general layout of the study guide be improved?
6. How satisfied were you with the layout of the tables in the study guide?
7. How satisfied were you with the references in the study guide?
8. The references used to compile the study guide reflect the state-of-the-science, knowledge and practice.
9. What other resources did you use to study for the exam? (Check all that apply)
10. Do you have suggeations for improvement of this study guide?
(Use 200 words or less)
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