U19 Boys AYSO Select Player Application

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1. Please enter your contact information.
2. What is your soccer experience?
Years Experience
AYSO Fall Season
Playoff Tournaments
Select Seasons
Club Soccer
School Soccer Team
3. What position do you like to play?
4. What division are you currently playing in?
AYSO 45 Fall Season
5. What is your jersey number and team you currently play on? (Example: #2 - Flying Tomatoes)
6. Please comment on the following:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
There should be an "A" Team and a "B" Team
There should be Balanced Teams among all available select players
Select Teams should attend 3-5 tournaments
Select Teams should also play in a league (such as PCSSL) or scrimmage other teams
I would still play if selected for a development or "B" team
It is OK for players to balance other activities with select soccer
Players should commit to attending at least 90% of the practices and all games.
Spring season practice/games should start earlier than February (such as Dec or Jan).
Parent is willing to referee
7. Personal Statement: Why would you like to play on an AYSO Select Team?
8. Are you participating in any other club sport between January and May 31st (examples include baseball, soccer, volleyball) that may impact your availability for training or games? Please elaborate if answer is yes.
9. Players will be evaluated during the regular season and during TWO field sessions. Do you understand the selection process and time commitment outlined on the website by the Postseason Select Committee?
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