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1. How many dogs do you have?
2. What kind of dog(s) do you have?
3. Does your dog go to doggy daycare?
4. If your dog does go to doggy daycare, where does he/she go?
5. If you answered yes to question #3, what do you like most about the doggy daycare?
6. If you answered yes to question #3, what do you like least about the daycare?
7. If you have a small dog (40 pounds and under) would you take your dog to a doggy daycare for small dogs only?
8. Why or why not? (In response to the above question)
9. Do you ever board your dog?
10. If you answered yes to the above question, how often do you board your dog?
11. If you answered no question #9, why don't you board your dog?
12. What services would you like at a pet hotel?
13. What is the most important factor when deciding where to take your dog when choosing a daycare facility?
14. What amount do you think you spend on your pet on average per month?
15. What retail items would you like to see in a pet facility?
16. Do you celebrate your pets birthday?
17. Would you celebrate your pet's birthday by having a birthday party at a pet facility?
18. What area of Atlanta do you reside?
19. How far would you travel to take your dog to doggy daycare?
20. What area of Atlanta would you like to see a daycare for SMALL dogs only?
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