Team Performance Template

1. How skilled at their jobs are the members of your team?
2. How professionally do the members of your team behave?
3. How honest with each other are the members of your team?
4. How well do members of your team share responsibility for tasks?
5. How well does your supervisor work with clients?
6. How efficiently are team meetings conducted?
7. How well do the members of your team communicate with each other?
8. How hardworking is your supervisor?
9. How often does your team meet its deadlines?
10. How well does your supervisor handle criticism?
11. How fairly are responsibilities shared among your team members?
12. How politely do members of your team treat each other?
13. How quickly does your team adjust to changing priorities?
14. How quickly does your team act on its decisions?
15. Would you say that your team has too many meetings, too few meetings, or about the right number?
16. Should your team be larger than it is, smaller than it is, or is the size about right?
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