Student Survey, Advisors Conference 2012

1. What is your current level of education?
2. What is(was) your main source of information preparing you for professional school? (Choose one and give specifics. i.e. organization-MAPS)
3. For what reasons do or did you have contact with your advisor? (select more than one)
4. On average, how often do or did you have contact with your advisor?
5. Are you a non-traditional (age, disability) or minority student? If so, do you think your advisor meets or met the needs of the non-traditional and minority students?
6. How often does or did your advisor provide you with different opportunities within your field of study without you asking?
7. If you have taken the GRE, MCAT, DAT or PCAT, did your advisor play an integral part in you completing your standardized exam for professional school in a timely manner?
8. I feel or felt informed about applying to professional schools and summer opportunities.
9. What is the best advice your advisor has given you?
10. What is the worst advice your advisor has given you?
11. If you have applied for professional school, what are some things you wish your advisor would have told you before applying?
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