Customer Service 2012

1. Customer Service Survey 2012

1. What is your zip code?
2. Is there a specific program, facility or service you would like to comment on? Leave answer field blank if not applicable.
3. What method did you use to complete your most recent transaction?
4. Please rate the following statements. Select N/A for any items that do not apply.
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
Staff was welcoming and friendly
Staff was knowledgeable
Communication with staff was prompt and clear
Facility was clean & well maintained
The Recreation Guide (or other material) was clear and easy to understand
The Departments website is clear and easy to navigate
Staff was respectful of my privacy
Staff conducted themself in a professional manner
The staff did a satisfactory job of addressing any issues related to registration or ticket purchasing
The staff did a satisfactory job of addressing any issues related to cancellations, withdraws, transfers or refunds
5. Based on your experience, would you recommend this program, service or facility to a friend?
6. How can we improve our customer service, programs, services or facilities?
7. Additional Comments
8. Would you like to be contacted by a staff member in regards to information in this survey? If so, please provide the information below.
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