Orange County SEO Meetup Survey

Voice Your Opinion on Topics for Our Meetup Group!

Please take a moment to proved your feedback so that our group provides all the information, insights, experts and strategy you're looking for in 2013.
1. What topics are most important to you relating to search engine optimization? (Rank in order of preference, with 1 being the most important)
Location-Based (Local) SEO
Link research, link building
Video SEO
Image SEO
Competition intelligence
Landing page optimization
Public Relations for SEO
Brand marketing for SEO (co-citations)
Advanced technical SEO
Content marketing strategy
Social media for SEO
2. Any other topics you have in mind?
3. What experts would you like to have as guest speakers in 2013? (select all that apply)
4. Cost?

When our Meetup group was $10 per person, our turnout was around 12-17 people. When we stopped charging, our attendance went up to 50, but our coordinators had to cover snacks and venue arrangements.

Obviously the more we collect, the more we can offer guest speakers (and the better our door prizes and food options get). We'll leave it up to you.
5. Venue?

We believe we've found our home at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana. It comes equipped with sound, screen, projector and seats a comfortable 50 people. If you have other venue ideas or a concern about the current venue, please share below.
6. Any other ideas or feedback?

This is YOUR group, so please be brutally honest. If you shared a thought in the past and no action was taken, please share it again. It's a new year and a clean slate.
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