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This group is your group and has grown because of your interest in SEO and the fact that we don't sell or promote services. However, a growing percentage of attendees have asked that we offer something more personalized and hands-on in addition to the free Meetups.

Taking this survey will help us decide if we will occasionally offer hands-on clinics in the future, or if it will dilute the interest of its members.

Hands on means that we will be logging in to your website and optimizing content. We will be looking at your (and competitor) web analytics to find keyword opportunities. It means identifying link opportunities and coming up with creative strategies specific to your brand.

Your feedback is critical. Thanks for taking time out of your day and for being a valuable part of the Orange County SEO Meetup Group!
1. If we were to offer occasional website clinics for a small fee, would you be interested in attending?
2. Why type of fee do you consider to be reasonable for a group of 10 and a 3-4 hour hands-on SEO clinic ?
3. Anything else you'd like to bring up or share?
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