school library statistical survey

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(For school year ending May/June 2012)

PLEASE COMPLETE this survey by December 15, 2012.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. The required questions are marked with a star (*). If you do not collect specific information or cannot estimate accurately, you may skip any of the non-required questions. If an answer is zero, please enter “0,” rather than leaving a blank. If actual counts are available, please report them. Otherwise, please provide estimates based on a count taken during two or three typical weeks (perhaps in October and April). A "typical week" is any time that is neither unusually busy nor unusually slow. Avoid pre-exam times or when unusual events are taking place in the community or the library. Choose a week when the library is open its regular hours.

If you have questions concerning this survey, call Rob Geiszler, State Data Coordinator, Vermont Department of Libraries at (802)786-3839, or email questions at

1. Name of School/Library:
2. Address:
3. Librarian:
4. Librarian's E-mail Address:
5. Library Web Address/URL: http:\\
Hours of operation - List days & times library was open both during the school year and during the summer:
6. Normal hours open during the school year (ex. M-F 8-4; Tu,W,Th 1-3; etc.):
7. Total number of hours open each week during the school year:
8. How many weeks during the school year was the library open? Count partial weeks as "weeks open."
9. Summer Hours (ex. M-F 8-4; Tu,W,Th 1-3, etc.):
10. Total number of hours open each week during the summer:
11. How many weeks during the summer was the library open? Count partial weeks as "weeks open."
12. All figures reported should be accurate as of the end of the most recently completed school year. Enter the ending date for last school year, below:
Close of 2011 school year
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