Tennis Program Survey

1. Please select the program in which you or your child participated:
2. Please select the location in which you or your child participated:
3. Please select appropriate age group for participant:
4. Overall how would you rate your experience with the Seminole County tennis program?
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementPoor
5. Please evaluate the registration process:
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementPoor
Front Desk staff was friendly
Front Desk staff was knowledgeable about program offerings
Ease of Registration
Times and dates of offerings
6. Please evaluate the following aspects of the program:
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementPoor
Overall evaluation of the program
Participant skill level improved
Participant had fun and enjoyed program
Participant learned what was expected
Classes were organized and professional
Likelihood of taking another tennis class
7. Please rate the tennis instructor on each of the following:
ExcellentGoodFairNeeds ImprovementPoor
Overall instructor quality
Instructor friendliness
Instructor ability to relate to participant
Instructor knowledge level
Planned Activities (games, drills, etc)
Instructors provided clear demonstrations of new skills
Instructor provided participant with individual attention
8. Please rate the cost of programs:
Price is a great valuePrice is fair & reasonablePrice is a little highPrice is too high
9. Please rate the facility and surrounding grounds based on the following:
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds ImprovementPoor
Overall cleanliness of the park
Cleanliness of facility
Cleanliness of restrooms
Quality of tennis courts
Parking availability
10. How did you find out about our program?
11. Any additional suggestions or comments?
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