2014-15 Program Evaluation

The Operation Outreach-USA (OO-USA) Literacy Program is designed to combine the resources of three partners with the ultimate goal of improving literacy. One partner is the sponsor who provides the resources (money for books and materials), one partner is the teacher who teaches lessons using the books in the classroom and the third partner is the parents who are asked to read with their children and use the Parent Guide to ask their children questions about the books.

There is one coordinator at each school who provides information to Operation Outreach including teacher names, grade levels, teacher emails and the number of students in their classroom. The coordinator is asked to help teachers decide on book choices by having the teachers check the OO-USA website www.oousa.org to review the books and read the sample pages to match the reading level of their students. Operation Outreach sends grade-level books unless the coordinator/teacher requests specific books or a specific grade level.

Please answer the following questions regarding the materials and information received.
1. School Name
2. School City
3. School State
4. School's sponsor (e.g. Target, International Paper, Bales AutoMall)
5. Teacher Name
6. Did you check our website to see sample pages of our books to select appropriate reading-level books for your class?
7. Did you receive these materials:
YesNoNot sure
Yellow teacher envelope?
Thank your Sponsor Letter?
Bookplates (stickers for inside book cover which identify the sponsor)?
2 books for each student plus an extra copy for the teacher?
Lesson plans for all books?
Parent Guides for all books?
Instructions/information from your coordinator?
8. What grade do you teach? You can select more than one if you have a multi-grade classroom.
9. Please rate the readability of the books you received:
Note: Most classrooms receive 2 titles. Multi-grade classrooms may receive more than 2 titles. Please enter an answer for only the titles that you received. The titles are listed generally in grade order from Pre-K to Grade 6.
Too EasyJust RightToo Hard
Firefly Joe
Where Did Birdie Go?
¿Cuantos Perros? How Many Dogs?
Not for Sadie
Jonathon Jasper Jeremy Jones
A Week at Grandma's
The Duck in the Hole
Kia's Manatee
Rudolph's Nose Knows
Goodbye, Jake
The Butterfly Garden
The Coquí and the Iguana
Tuesday...A Lucky Day for Luis
Quequechan: Forgotten River
Webster's Coming Home Today
Call of Africa
Joey Moses
Redruff the Partridge of Don Valley
The Pacing Mustang
10. Which book was the class favorite? Please explain.
11. If your class struggled with a particular book, please explain in detail.
12. Which themes did you focus on relative to the OO-USA books? (check all that apply)
13. Which academic areas were enhanced by the OO-USA program? (check all that apply)
14. Please identify changes in attitudes or behaviors that can be attributed to the program. (check all that apply)
15. Did you use activities from (check all that apply):
16. Did you conduct writing activities relative to the OO-USA books?
17. What percentage of your students demonstrated increased written or oral usage of vocabulary from the books?
18. How did you provide feedback to your sponsor?
19. Overall, how would you rate the OO-USA program?
20. What was the best part of the OO-USA program for your school?
21. What improvements would you suggest to the OO-USA program?
22. Please include any parent comments.
23. Please provide any additional comments.
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