What One Book Has Changed Your Professional Life? - Second Edition


I'd like to ask you now to respond to a simple, important question:
What's the one book (not blog, not conversation, not Facebook page) that has changed your life as
a nonprofit staffer, consultant, volunteer or vendor? Plus the why and how.

Here's an example:
Title: Mission-Based Management by Peter Brinckerhoff
Why/how: Brinckerhoff insists that your organization's mission must permeate every aspect
of your work, from technology and program to finances and human resources. It's made a huge
difference in my management focus in the seven years since I've read it.

Please submit your one book today, while it’s on your mind.

Thanks again,
Nancy Schwartz

Publisher, GettingAttention.org E-News & Blog
President, Nancy Schwartz & Company

P.S. All contributors who provide contact info below will receive the updated The Book that Changed My Life on publication.

1. What single book (not blog, not conversation, not Facebook page) has changed your life
as a nonprofit staffer, consultant or vendor?
2. What did this book change for you?
3. What is your name, job title and organization?

I'd like to be able to credit you for your contribution and send you a free copy of the updated report, when it is published!

Thanks so much for your time and effort! I look forward to digesting your books and compiling your recommendations into a must-read list for our colleagues.

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