OHSAA Website Survey

1. How long have you used our website?
2. How do you most frequently enter OHSAA.org?
3. Which statement most accurately describes how frequently you use our website?
4. Which statement most accurately describes your experience in finding the information for which you were seeking on OHSAA.org?
5. What section(s) of our website do you utilize the most (select all that apply)?
6. How would you rate the content of OHSAA.org?
7. How would you rate the organization of the content on our website?
8. How would you rate the layout and design of OHSAA.org?
9. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with our website?
10. I believe the OHSAA website should . . . (select all that apply)
11. Please provide comments on the biggest area(s) in which you believe we can improve our website (please limit to 500 characters).
12. Please indicate your gender.
13. Please indicate your age range.
14. In which OHSAA athletic district is your school located?
15. Please identify yourself (select all that apply).
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey!
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