Micro Touch Switch Blade

Thank you for your recent purchase of Micro Touch Switch Blade. Please fill out the survey below.
1. Please rate your experience with SwitchBlade's micro-trimmer performance ( the small hair removable blade)
ExcellentGoodAverageBelow AveragePoor
On sideburns
On ear hair
On nose hair
On eyebrows
On neck
2. Please rate your experience with SwitchBlade’s groomer performance (the large hair removal blade)
ExcellentGoodAverageBelow AveragePoor
On head hair
On back
On shoulders/arms
On chest
On stomach
3. Please rate your experience with SwitchBlade’s comb attachments
ExcellentGoodAverageBelow AveragePoor
Trimmer Comb
Small Groomer Comb
Medium Groomer Comb
Large Groomer Comb
4. How would you rate the overall quality of Micro Touch Switchblade
5. Please provide your overall impression of the comb attachments:
6. Do you think Micro Touch Switchblade is a good value?
7. What should we improve on SwitchBlade?
8. Was your SwitchBlade a self purchase or did you receive it as a gift?
9. What is your age?
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