Agreement for Huskie-2-Huskie Mentors

Please read this information; contact NIU Career Services with questions (815.753.8341).

1. Mentors are asked to keep their commitments to students. Need to cancel an appointment with your mentee? Keep contact information for your mentee so you may notify him/her.

2. Mentoring relationships will differ by length, number of meetings, and topics covered; these factors should be discussed and agreed upon by each mentor/mentee pair. Mentoring examples include one-time phone consultations, in-person meetings, and job shadowing.

3. Mentors should not advise or give information about issues related to academic progress, course selection, or other topics that should be referred to academic advisors or faculty. Also, mentors should not advocate or intercede for students with NIU faculty/staff.

4. Please focus your mentoring interactions on career and professional development topics. Because students “may not know what they don’t know,” they will need guidance from you in setting the priorities for your discussions. The mentoring process is based on a model in which you are providing assistance to the student; it is not a relationship of mutual support.

5. Prospective mentors are required to demonstrate a connection to the NIU community as either a currently employed NIU alumnus or as an NIU supporter (retiree, recruiter, donor, etc.), as recognized by either the Alumni Association or Career Services.

6. Both mentors and students need to be mindful of privacy issues. Your student will tell you how he/she prefers to be contacted. Consider how you would like to be contacted by your mentee, and with what frequency. Mentors and mentees should not exchange home addresses.

We strongly urge that all mentor/mentee visits take place in workplace/public settings. Concerns about the appropriateness of mentoring interactions should be reported immediately to NIU officials or, if needed, local authorities. Participation in H2H is voluntary; participants do not undergo background checks. As is true of all new professional relationships, participants should exercise appropriate caution when making the acquaintance of an unknown individual.

7. As the purpose of mentoring is to promote professional development as opposed to social opportunities, the use of alcohol at mentoring-related events, regardless of whether participants are of legal drinking age, is prohibited. Mentees have agreed that they will not consume alcoholic beverages at mentoring-related meetings/events as a condition of their participation in H2H.

8. Should a mentee not be in compliance with H2H program expectations, please contact program staff as soon as possible so that we may help address and resolve the situation.

9. In the event of inappropriate conduct by mentors or mentees, as defined by NIU Career Services, NIU staff reserve the right to terminate a participant’s involvement in the H2H program. Also, NIU Career Services may establish additional criteria for participation.

10. NIU is not liable for inadequate or inaccurate advice or information provided to mentees by their H2H mentors.

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I understand and will abide by the guidelines set forth in this Mentor Agreement.
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