Homecoming 2013

1. What is your class year? Please use four digit format, ex. 1989
2. Did you attend McMurry Homecoming 2013?
3. Was this your first Homecoming as an alumnus/a?
4. Why did/would you attend Homecoming Weekend? (check all that apply)
5. If you did not attend Homecoming 2013, please tell us why:
6. Please rate the following based on their usefulness (in your experience) this year:
Very UsefulOKNeutralNot UsefulN/A
Homecoming online registration
Homecoming brochure sent by mail
Other Homecoming information sent by email
Homecoming/McMurry website
Social Media
7. If you attended this year, how did you register?
8. What was your favorite thing about McMurry Homecoming 2013?
9. What additional events or improvements would enhance your Homecoming experience?
10. Based on your experience, would you attend another Homecoming?
11. Overall comments, compliments and suggestions
12. If you would like to become more involved with McMurry University, please check the following areas that interest you and provide your contact information:
13. Name (please provide if you want to be contacted about involvement with McMurry):
14. Email Address:
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