Teacher Evaluation Survey

1. Marquis Studios

Thank you for participating in a Marquis Studios residency. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.
1. Demographic Information
2. If not for their participation in a Marquis Studios residency would your students have had access to arts instruction as part of their school day?
3. Please rate the teaching artist's classroom management while working in your classroom:
Interaction with entire class
Interaction with individual students
Interaction with you
Flow of activities
Time management
4. Did this residency integrate with classroom curriculum (literacy, math, science, social studies)?
5. If this residency DID integrate with classroom curriculum, please cite an example of a lesson that made a successful curriculum connection.
6. What changes, if any, in student behavior or student work did you observe during the course of the residency?
7. How did this residency impact your opinion about the role of the arts in education?
8. Any additional comments:
Thank you for your time!
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