Artist Survey of Live & Work Space 2013

Artist Profile

Artspace, a nationally renowned non-profit developer of artist live/work space will be in Tacoma May 9th and 10th to assist us in conducting a feasibility study to identify potential properties, interest, and ability for us to create such a development in Tacoma.

Please help us make informed decisions by taking a few minutes to respond to an anonymous survey focused on your current living and working accommodations, as well as any possible desire for new accommodations. We are interested in input from artists of all disciplines from Tacoma and beyond. Please fill it out even if you are not currently looking to change your living/working situation.
This anonymous survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

We appreciate your time.
1. What area of the arts are you involved in? (Check all that apply)
2. Do you currently have a studio space? (i.e. a space you use specifically for your art)?
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